The 168 IRS Officers, Faculty Members , Office staff and others that I happened to come across at the National Academy of Direct Taxes , Nagpur during the 3 month orientation course undergone till end of July 2012

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Rithesh Duvne

 Among the 5 people behind Rithesh who has just finished advanced advance course in aerobics, only Prem Singh and Brijlal Meena have been able to somehow bring their hands in line with the master's. The others are still in confusion whether the target is the tube light above or the some celestial body that would determine their postings in a matter of days, that the Master tries to actually bring to focus.  

Please note a universal truth clearly brought out by this photo.In a dance or aerobics class, only those standing just behind the Master have all the guestures (Mudras) and steps even approximately correct. The rest reign the world of mudras like MGR in Tamil films, churning out own inventions whenever they get bored in the class. Years later, the former dies for a chance to write 'passion for dancing' in own biodata while the MGR group mentioned above  positions themselves in Linked In or social community sites as 'Dance Conceptualiser-cum- Mudra Actualiser' .

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