The 168 IRS Officers, Faculty Members , Office staff and others that I happened to come across at the National Academy of Direct Taxes , Nagpur during the 3 month orientation course undergone till end of July 2012

Thursday, July 26, 2012

NADT Music Night

All the cartoons shown below except two were drawn in the hall, sitting in the 5th row in the auditorium. The low light on the stage frustrated my lines a  lot...

Prakash Tholani
The compere mentioned balance sheet, asset side and capital gains in his Urdu replete compering that must have been hilarious considering the thaliyam heard, especially towards end of the show. Prakash who once passed CA-Inter comes from a business  family and lends his "skills renderation for words & voices" only for high visibility functions.

Sashi Vaidya
This handsome reticent singer mesmerised the audience with his his bhava-filled rendition of Woh Sham Kuch Ajeeb Dhi in raag Yaman .

Sagar Madhumatke
This Kishore Kumar reincarnate enthralled the audience with his deep baritone. Appeared squirming in the sitting posture which all adopted in a line, dying to shake a leg running around the stage. But for the pony tail made of thick curly hair, he looked 60% Kishore from the front. 

Surabhi Sachin Dhomne
Coming from beyond the fallen curtain, the voice is is just Lata ! But  the singer who adopts the much advised erect sitting posture while singing appeared to maintain a sedate face without much giveaways on her face, almost Vani Jayaramesque...

Yashashree Bhave Pathak
The bubbly Asha-soundalike singer showed an understanding of drawing too. Appeared to be a sympathiser with the drawing-with-emotion school, rather than doting on resemblance alone. 

I was wondering, how many tens of thousands of people of all intelligence, these four would have made nostalgic, made to love this world more and of course, made jealous. These four, each with distinct style is a renowned group in Nagpur and have travelled across India !

Sachin Dhomne
There was one more instrument, padl-like that he played with a flourish of his palm over it, which then produced a glissando reminding of the settling in twilight. He appeared to be loving to play that and show us too that he loved his job. During my childhood, I use to wonder why all percussionists during film song performances (Ganamela)  make their faces a playground of funnily gawkish guestures and their hands instruments to throw aimlessly up, up into the air. Might be, due to a sense of insecurity in having to sit through while the singers 'owned' the stage gadding about. Now, I know that without percussion half of the life is beaten out of the remaining music. The percussionist is silently celebrating his supremacy within,which his face, however, is not able to conceal .

Anand Maste

Prasanna Wankhede

Vishal Dahasahastra (Octopad)
Raghunandan Parsatwar (Congo Dholak)
Govind Gadtikar

Amar Shende

Vijayakumar Singh