The 168 IRS Officers, Faculty Members , Office staff and others that I happened to come across at the National Academy of Direct Taxes , Nagpur during the 3 month orientation course undergone till end of July 2012

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

NADT Mess Staff

It is said that there are more than 30 staff working at the NADT Officers' Mess. Perhaps this could include those poor men  in the kitchen seasoned through flames and soot into blackened permanent fixtures. When the serving personnel at any eating place anywhere get occasional smiles , these unsmiling creatures could be seen peeping out into the dining hall hiding behind blackened walls of their areas as if seeing us worldly things after years. The ones I met here in the kitchen appeared to have forgotten to smile since childhood. If I leave them out of this page, I would consider this visit futile.

Gajanan, Manager

Athul Gajbhiye

Kishore Bandhe

Manesh Chowdhary

Shriram Meshram

Dharmendra Chaurawal

Dhiraj Ambedkar

Sudhir Ramatek

Mangesh Bansal

Pankaj Jowri

Praful Ambedkar


Sumedh Bhide

Nishanth Patil

Nandu Mallya

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