The 168 IRS Officers, Faculty Members , Office staff and others that I happened to come across at the National Academy of Direct Taxes , Nagpur during the 3 month orientation course undergone till end of July 2012

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bharadwaj Dholakia

15.07.2012 : Bharadwaj after 5 minutes listening to Madanmohan's Mushayira near the Moolchands began to exhibit extraordinary histrionic skills with his face, to our utter confusion...

1.7.2012 : The 2 minute deep meditation on the cowdung swept floors 
of one of the Ashrams at Sewagram ....

makes him evolve irreversibly... !

The congenitally cool Dholakia who is having the most enviably flexible body too amongst all the trainees including the handsome ladies surprisingly had started to show signs of leniency towards THANDAVA form of dance (See above). It was at this juncture, these 2 masters came to NADT for teaching Nagpur dance steps to Ganpathy Group for the cultural evening. Barely half an hour with them, Bharadvaj became permanently hooked on to the LASYA school. 

Not ready to believe ?  See for yourself ... !!!!

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