The 168 IRS Officers, Faculty Members , Office staff and others that I happened to come across at the National Academy of Direct Taxes , Nagpur during the 3 month orientation course undergone till end of July 2012

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Pramod Karve

Sri Pramod Karve, an established dramatist in Marathi theatre and actor has one more surprising talent : drawing. His smoothened finishes take painstakingly longer time, close to 10 hours per drawing. I was sad when he, during the last week at NADT called me discreetly to his room to show proudly but shyly his Smitha Patil (below). Such was the talent in him that I immediately recalled Amrendra Nath who had shown me with equal trepidation his drawing on me. How many more talents are to be discovered in our fold, I wonder !

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